Selling a Home


Tips for Pricing

  • Consider the comparable properties given to you by your REALTOR

  • Consider your terms in the contract. Are there any contingencies? Anything that would contribute to your decision of price if you were the buyer?

  • Know your bottom line before the negotiations start.

  • Consider listing at or under major price points instead of using a unique number. Most buyers will ask to see homes up to a standard amount (i.e. 3 bedroom colonials with a fireplace up to $250,000), their real estate agent may then set up an automated buyer search in their local database for properties under that amount, so if your house is listed for $253,547 the buyer will miss it.

  • Stay away from specific numbers, odd numbers call attention to the property for the wrong reasons. The goal is to showcase the home not the seller’s mindset.

  • Have a plan! What is the plan if there are no offers in the first month? The first two? What if the traffic dies down? How do you combat the natural flow of the real estate process? Talk with your REALTOR and have a plan! Don’t forget pricing is an ongoing conversation!


Tips for Staging Your Home

  • Clean Clean Clean!! A dirty home leaves buyers to wonder about the previous up keep of the home. Before listing deep clean the home, surfaces, walls, even carpets! Once it is cleaned keep up on the cleaning all through the market time, this way you are always prepared for that last minute showing!
 Tricky stain? Visit The University of Illinois Stain Solution site, with everything from adhesive tape to yellow dye they are sure to help with any mess.

  • Sometimes a small can of paint can make a big impression!

  • Curb Appeal is the buyer’s first impression! Aligning gutters, cleaning grease spills from the driveway and weeding down unsightly bushes will help instill confidence in your potential buyers.

  • Clear out the clutter! Half full closets not only will make packing for your moving a bit easier but will also show buyers how much space your home has to offer.

  • Store personal items such as photographs, mementos, and keepsakes away when you home is on the market. Help buyers imagine their life in the home instead of living in yours.

  • Let the sunshine in! Be sure to draw curtains to emphasize the natural light your home receives in the daylight hours. At night make sure to turn on well-placed lamps to accent and light your home.

  • We all adore our pets but unpleasant odors may deter potential offers. Cleaning or replacing your carpets can not only help alleviate pet odors but make a positive impact during home showings!

  • Finally don’t overdo it with the smells. While a clean smelling home is ideal for visitors don’t overdo it. Baking cookies, and lighting a large number of candles will stick out to potential buyers but not necessarily in a positive sense. Also stray from cooking large aromatic meals the night before an open house, because while that garlic fish may make a delicious meal, your guests will still be smelling it long after the meal is finished.

Get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection!

Many sellers today are calling out home inspectors before they ever put their homes on the market. A pre-market inspection can show the homeowner any possible problems with the property. Not only will this allow you to better market your home to the public, but it may alleviate any anxiety over having an inspection completed later. Be prepared!

For a list of home inspectors visit out resource page.


Let's Sell a Home!